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Disability bathrooms

David Warren Homes understand that proper design methods and easily accessible bathrooms or restrooms can provide confidence and independence back to the disabled or aged people who are not capable to use standard bathrooms. Our professionals offer custom-made bathroom designs to our clients which suits their requirements. You can faith on our specialized service from conception to conclusion with negligible interferences.

Our wide range of disability bathroom designs includes different types of grab rails which are available in different colors for the people who have visual impairment. Grab rails can be attached to the wall. Disabled bathroom should consist of raised toilet seat, bath board, shower chair and grab rails. It comprises number of component parts, facilitating them to be constructed to individual requirements and tailored around curves and blocks. Our professionals are specialized in it whether you want to remodel your disabled bathroom or you want installation for your new house. We provide tiling, installations, fittings and finishing everything for your new house bathroom. We provide bath boards, bath lifts and so many other bathroom equipments. Bath boards are available in different lengths. Bath boards may not appropriate in some baths depending on the shape of the bath, asymmetrical shaped sides, angle tiling etc. So our designers can advise you the equipments as per your bathroom layout.  

Our customary disable bathrooms are accessible for disable, elderly people and the other individuals who are staying in the house. Its appealing appearance provides you pleasant interior decoration so that you can feel comfort and you can actually enjoy bathing. Contact our professionals to get an affordable and reliable disability bathroom layout for your house.