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Blum Hinges

Our goal is to ensure that our fittings systems provide comfort and function to our customers for the lifetime of their new fitted furniture. We sourced only the very best in suppliers which is why we chose Blum. Blum produces an extremely high standard of quality. Their products have an extremely well-thought-out function, award-winning design and a long life. All products are engineered to provide for a problem-free-use of the furniture during its lifetime, which is up to 20 years.

Julius Blum, a farrier and carriage smith by trade, founded his company on 1 March 1952 in Hoechst. His first product was a horseshoe stud which prevented horses from slipping. After 6 years of hard work the Blum company produced its first furniture hinge, the anuba hinge. This hinge was adapted for doors, windows, and furniture.

After six more years the successful Blum company began production of its popular concealed furniture hinges and one year later began exporting these special hinges to other European countries. By 1967 the Blum Company had established offices in Belgium, Germany, Great Britain, Ireland, Switzerland and Scandinavia and had truly gained international status seeing hinges bearing the Blum name, and their reputation for quality, getting the attention they deserved.

By the mid 1980′s, the Blum hinge had established itself worldwide and the Blum clip hinge was introduced. With such high standards, vigorous quality control and dedicated innovation Blum is still one of the leading manufacturers and is to date a company that employs over 5907 people across the world.


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